Live, Instructor-Led Training for Business

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      The concept for LeadingEdgeNow was born out of the recent pandemic which has had a profound impact on our lives and our businesses.

      It is a time where many organizations, including ours, have had to re-evaluate and adopt different business models and practices. We have taken our team of experienced, international trainers, who previously worked in a classroom environment (at our sister company, Leading Edge Group), and transitioned their delivery methods to online training in areas that are relevant to the specific needs of business during these times.

      From a business perspective, organizations big and small, are using video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat and webinars to communicate internally within their organizations and externally to their suppliers, customers and partners. Our easily accessible and cost competitive “live” training programs are targeted at those organizations that are looking for knowledge, insights, practical solutions and an “edge” that will help empower their staff and accelerate their business – a win win for all.

      How does LeadingEdgeNow work?

      • Short, sharp training programs that will give your staff valuable practical insights and learnings across a number of different business categories – Agile, Lean, Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation and more.
      • Programs are delivered live each time. There is no video streaming.
      • Each program can cater for up to 6 people from your team/company. The price remains the same, we charge per team, not per individual.
      • Small numbers on each program means there is ample opportunity to openly engage with your trainer. Interaction is actively encouraged, ensuring you get best value for your session and an ‘in person’ feel for your training.
      • Presentation slides will be made available to you after the program has been completed. Due to the interactive and customized delivery of our online courses they will not be recorded.
      • Courses are available on demand. We can work to your schedule, your time zone and your specific requirements.
      • Delivery of your course will be via Zoom.

      Customized Training 

      If a more customized training experience is required, we would be happy to partner with you to deliver tailored programs to specifically meet your organizational needs. Programs can also be bundled, modified and expanded  and annual corporate licences are available for organizations who prefer an ongoing engagement. 

      Leading Edge Group

      LeadingEdgeNow is part of the Leading Edge Group of companies which was established in 1995 to help organisations streamline their business processes, improve productivity, reduce waste and enhance profitability for the benefit of their staff, organization and the end customer. The Group, with operations in Ireland, Canada and Australia, has grown to become a global player in the Process Improvement and Business Transformation space with over 500 clients from a wide, diverse range of sectors from healthcare to manufacturing to the services sector including Governments and the public sector.

      We are looking forward to engaging with you all in making a difference in this new and evolving landscape and would love to hear from you as we both continue to grow and prosper.

      Joe Aherne

      CEO, Leading Edge Group