Live, Instructor-Led Training for Business

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      Whether you are looking to gain an understanding and appreciation of Lean  or are seeking to develop specific skills and knowledge in using key Lean concepts and tools, our short Lean courses offer an excellent starting point.

      Programs can be purchased individually or in bundles. We will work with individuals or teams of up to 6 people, for the same service fee listed in the course description.

      Are you an Enterprise Ireland or IDA client company based in Ireland? Potential funding available for your organization under the Lean Business Offer. Contact the relevant body for further information.

      Frameworks for Driving Improvement – DMAIC, PDCA and JDI
      From €850.00 for groups of 10 and under
      How to Apply 5S
      From €850.00 for groups of 10 and under
      Kaizen Best Practice
      From €850.00 for groups of 10 and under
      Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
      From €850.00 for groups of 10 and under